We want to help make this year your healthiest yet! Read on for five simple suggestions to take care of your body and your mind each and every day.

1. Keep good company

We know you can’t choose your family, but surround yourself with as many people who inspire you and admire you as you can. We are immensely impacted by the people we interact with on a daily basis, so make that energy as positive as you possibly can.

2. Make one healthy choice at each meal

Whether that’s choosing water over soda, subbing the fries with a veggie, or even opting to save half for later, each small choice will add up. If you opt to start a crash diet or ban all sweets and cheats at once, you’re much less likely to succeed in the long run. Don’t be ashamed to start slowly.

3. Move as much as possible

It may not be easy in the winter, but time spent on your feet, and outdoors in particular, will do amazing things for your body. Don’t force yourself to run or go lift weights at the gym if you don’t enjoy those exercises. Find a way to be active that is fun for you and you’ll actually want to partake. And don’t forget, even choosing the stairs over the elevator makes a difference.

4. Get enough sleep

Your body needs sleep to renew itself for the next day ahead. If you don’t allow yourself the recommended 6-8 hours, you’re shorting the processes that need to take place to repair the daily wear and tear of living. Along with rejuvenation, enough sleep ensures that your body is able to function to its full potential.

4. Give back when you can.

Each one of us has something to give the world, no matter what it may be. It doesn’t have to be money. It means more to spend your time and talents on a cause that’s meaningful to you. You’ll not only be helping out with what you’re passionate about, but you’ll get a great mood boost being part of something so positive, too.