Patients experiencing neck pain trust the providers at Scott Medical Center to relieve their pain with safe and non-invasive procedures. Neck pain can occur for several different reasons.  Often times it can start as a result of an accident or trauma to the neck or shoulder or it can be due to the excessive strain of daily activities, i.e. working at a desk or computer each day.  This excessive strain can weaken the muscles and joints of the cervical spine and cause inflammation and tissue damage to the ligaments and muscles of the spine.

At Scott Medical Center, our healthcare providers have extensive knowledge and experience in treating acute or chronic neck pain. Our Integrated Medical Facility has several of the most advanced medical and rehabilitative therapies under one roof, thus allowing our patients to benefit by having the best care available today.

Here are a few of our therapies and treatments that we offer  to alleviate neck pain:

Our professionals are highly trained in physical medicine techniques for helping your neck pain. We will first go through a thorough diagnostic evaluation to determine the cause of your neck pain, and then create a comprehensive and fully customized treatment plan specific for your needs. Some techniques used may include chiropractic care, massage therapy, physical therapy, and medical pain relief.