Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Weight Loss

1. Does Scott Medical Center’s Medical Weight Loss Services Include Surgery?

No, our Medical Weight Loss services incorporate a strictly non-surgical approach to losing weight.

2. Is Medical Weight Loss Considered Safe?

Yes, our Medical Weight Loss services are safe and have been proven effective in not only helping you reach your weight loss goals, they have also been noted for improving your overall health. Byproducts of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight have been conducive to improving hypertension, heart disease and diabetes. Additionally, clients have reported improved sleep patterns, relief from chronic aches and pains associated with arthritis as well as a decreasing high cholesterol levels.

3. What Medical Weight Loss Programs Are Offered At Scott Medical Center?

  • We offer three programs: The Lifestyle Change Program, The Fast Track Program and The Body Contouring Program.
  • The Lifestyle Change Program is intended for those individuals who are comfortable losing 1-3 pounds per week.
  • The Fast track program is for those who wish to lose weight rapidly.
  • The Body Contouring Program is intended for those who which to lose 3”-6” inches from specific body areas per month.

4. How Do These Programs Differ From Other Weight Loss Programs?

Traditional weight loss programs consist of dieting and increased exercise. Often, the individual is left to gauge and discipline themselves throughout the program. Scott Medical, in addition to offering medical supervision during our customized regimen, also incorporates blood work, physical evaluations and various medication intended to assist the metabolism. In certain instances, your body has difficulty in shrinking fat cells in specific areas such as the waist, thighs and love handles. Incorporating our Body Contouring Program assists in reducing inches from these trouble areas.

5. Are Special Foods Required In Scott Medical Center’s Medical Weight Loss Programs?

Specialized foods are not a requirement, but are suggested for best results. Scott Medical Center offers a variety of easy to prepare meals, convenient snacks and drinks created to complement your entire customized weight loss program. These foods have been created to provide your body with the proper amounts of protein required to produce the desired results.

6. Is Exercise Required?

In order to achieve optimum results, exercise, although not specifically required, should be implemented. Your physician will offer a detailed exercise regimen to assist you in achieving your desired results.

7. Must I Be Considered Obese To Take Advantage Of Scott Medical Center’s Medical Weight Loss Programs?

No, our Medical Weight Loss Programs are not intended for only those considered to be extremely overweight. These programs were created for anyone who wants to not only lose weight, but improve their overall health. If our physician’s feel you would not benefit from a customized program you will be informed that you do not qualify and for what specific reasons. Scott Medical Center’s primary concern is for the well-being of our patients.

8. How Much Does It Cost To Partake In Scott Medical Center’s Medical Weight Loss Programs?

As mentioned above, each program is customized based on the individual’s specific requirements. To discuss your weight loss goals, please call 412-279-4522 to schedule an appointment at our Scott Township, Wexford, or Murrysville locations.

9. Does My Insurance Cover Any Of Scott Medical Center’s Medical Weight Loss Programs?

Depending on your provider, your insurance may be accepted. To inquire as to your specific insurance coverage, please call us at 412-279-4522